Time Shift EP

by Dylnmatrix

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Back in mid-to-early 2012, I found this guy named Cry playing Amnesia. I found him to be funny and subscribed to him pretty quickly.

Now I was just starting out in music then, but I noticed that Cry had absolutely NO fansongs originally made for him, like Pewdie had, and I felt bad. So I began writing Cry Plays: The Music and was actually the first person to ever publicly release a fan song for the guy.

Fast forward a few weeks and I get a request to make a fansong for the Deviantart group CryPlayFan. I did so and this one wasn't as good as Cry Plays: The Music, but it still got fairly popular on Soundcloud.

Then at the end of 2012, I started yet another track. This would eventually become the Time Shift you know today. Come February 2013, I got frustrated and abandoned the track, leaving it to rot for 9 months until the 2 year anniversary of the Late Night Stream that Cry hosts every Saturday on Twitch happened. I re-opened the project, and redid everything mixing wise and fixed some composition issues that some people had and then used some new tools I had to make it sound absolutely magnificent. I finished the track during the New Year's Stream and uploaded it on New Year's Day 2014, right after the stream had ended.


released 15 February 2014

Album art: fav.me/d5td86q by nekokat on DeviantART.

Neko can also be found on Tumblr: nekokat42.tumblr.com



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