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Hi, I'm Matt, but I tend to go by Dylnmatrix here on the web. I'm an electronic music producer, writing in the trance genre mainly, but I digress to other genres as well.

This whole subscription thing is new to me, so there isn't much to give now, but subscribing now will give you all of the tracks that I've released on Bandcamp, alongside some other special items that I've yet to completely figure out, but things like scores of previous tracks, not limited to the tracks here, and sneak peeks at what I currently have been writing since the beginning of last year to now (curious about the EP I've been working on as Equilibria? Well here's one place to find out about it)

I've always appreciated any and all fan support I've gotten, and this gives me an opportunity to thank you guys even more, which I'm always down to do.

All the money I earn from this will be going towards VSTs and other various upgrades to my setup to help me on my path to becoming a better producer.

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St Paul, Minnesota
21 year old amateur producer from Minnesota. Specializes in Trance music and branching out into new genres now. Uses FL Studio 12.

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